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Ductless Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Category: Mechanical
Originally published in: The ABB Bulletin - building envelope news
Original date published: 2010-05-01

Have you always wanted to know more about VRF Systems and how it works? Wonder if it’s a good fit for your project?  Here are some of the most common questions answered by ABB’s in-house Mechanical Engineers.

VRF is a fairly new air conditioning system in the US but has been extensively used throughout Europe and Asia for more than 25 years. VRF systems provide heating and cooling simultaneously and efficiently. This technology minimizes energy waste and reduces building HVAC operational costs.  Competitive in cost, VRF systems are designed to be easily installed and will require less maintenance when compared to conventional HVAC systems. VRF systems benefit various building types and occupancies either in retrofit projects or for new construction.

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